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The course in Modern English syntax included in the first cycle concentrates on basic syntactic concepts and structures: the simple sentence, clause elements and the major types of multiple sentence.


The simple sentence is described with respect to its structure, discourse functions (declarative, interrogative, imperative and exclamative), constitutive and optional clause elements, and word order. The multiple sentence is presented with emphasis on the major types of subordinate clauses (adverbial, adjectival relative and nominal content clauses). Treatment of the complex sentence pays attention to semantic structure, including temporal relations.

The subject matter of the course is presented from a contrastive English-Czech point of view.


Mluvnice současné angličtiny na pozadí češtiny, Part II, Syntax

R.Quirk, S.Greenbaum, A University Grammar of English, Chapters 7-14, or

R.Quirk, S.Greenbaum, A Student's Grammar of the English Language, Chapters 8-18


Test after the Summer Semester.

Written and oral examination including morphology after the Winter Semester (cf.