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English Literature 4: 20th Cent.

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Modern English Literature. Lectures will focus on the 20th century literature with special emphasis on Modernism (T.S.Eliot, V.Woolf, J.Joyce, D.H.Lawrence and E.M.Forster). G.Orwell and the literature of the 1930s will also be discussed. Post-War British Literature. Lectures will focus on contemporary British fiction, poetry and drama.



The course provides a survey of 20th-century English literature from T.S.Eliot to the present day. Special attention is paid to Modernism and the post-war development of English fiction and drama. The work in seminars consists mainly of reading and discussing short texts, both primary and secondary (extracts from novels, plays and critical essays). The major works of the period are also introduced by way of students' presentations.


T. S. Eliot, The Waste Land; Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness; D. H. Lawrence, Women in Love; V. Woolf, Mrs Dalloway; G. Greene, The Power and the Glory; G. Orwell, Nineteen Eighty Four; W. Golding, Lord of the Flies; J. Wain, Hurry On Down; J. Fowles, The French Lieutenant's Woman; S. Rushdie, Shame; H. Pinter, The Caretaker; E. Bond, Lear


The course is concluded by the comprehensive examination. To be admitted to it, students must make an oral presentation, submit an essay on the given topic, participate actively in discussion, pass an inclass essay, and their attendance must be regular. They are also expected to read the appropriate texts before they attend the class!