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Practising Syntax

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This course will focus on practical application of some syntactic concepts introduced in morphology and the lecture on syntax. It is primarily intended for the third year students. While the mandatory seminar focuses mainly on performing syntactic analysis, this seminar aims at the student´s practical ability to use these constructions, also with respect to specific lexical items. The topics include description of types of verb complementation (valency, prepositional verbs and their syntactic properties, passives), specific syntactic constructions (nonfinite constructions, subject raising), the syntactically determined use of articles, or the syntactic means of condensation, and a complex analysis of a text.


L. Dušková: Mluvnice současné angličtiny na pozadí češtiny,

R.Quirk, S.Greenbaum, A University Grammar of English,

R.Quirk, S.Greenbaum, A Student´s Grammar of the English Language, Chapters 8-18

R. Quirk et al.: The Comprehensive Grammar of the English Language

L. Dušková: Studies in the English language,

Huddleston & Pullum, The Cambridge Grammar of the English Language


Credit on the basis of attendance and course work.

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