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The Short Story: The Genre and Its Contexts

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This course will look at one of modern literature?s most recent genres, and one of the most ancient forms of storytelling. We will explore different authorial approaches to narrative and the ?confines? of the form, paying particular attention to language, cultural contexts and themes. The course will be based on weekly close reading of the texts and student?s responses to the material.


Class presentation, attendance, and a 3000 word essay.

OUTLINE (Please note: a finalised outline will be posted in January 2007.)


Edgar Allen Poe ?The Fall of the House of Usher,? ?The Murders in the Rue Morgue? & ?The Purloined Letter?

Sheridan LeFanu ?A Strange Event in the Life of Schalken the Painter? & ?Green Tea?

James Joyce ?Clay? & ?Grace?

Katherine Mansfield ?The Fly? & ?Bliss?

Charlotte Perkins Gilman ?The Yellow Wallpaper?

Virginia Woolf ?The Mark on the Wall? & ?Moments of Being. ?Slater?s Pins Have No Points??

Flannery O?Connor ?Good Country People? & ?The Life Your Save May Be Your Own?

Angela Carter ?The Bloody Chamber? & ?The Company of Wolves?

Philip Roth ?Defender of the Faith?& Hanif Kureshi ?My Son the Fanatic?

Kazuo Ishiguro ?A Family Supper?& John McGahern ?Korea?

David Lodge ?Hotel des Boobs?& John Fowles ?The Enigma?