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British History

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* 1.

The Origins :Pre-History to the Norman Conquest Part 1: The Celts. The Romans. Saxon Invasion .Government and Society.

* 2.

Origins: Pre-History to the Norman Conquest Part 2: Christianity Church and State, Vikings. Internal Kingdoms

* 3.

The Norman Dynasties and the Plantagenets( part 1):

Feudalism, Dynasty, Magna Carta

* 4.

The Norman Dynasties to the Plantagenets (part 2)

Church and State, Parliament and Justice, Subduing the Celts

* 5.

The Late Middle Ages: War with Scotland and France, The Age of Chivalry, The Century of Plague, Heresy and Orthodoxy, Crisis of Kingship, Wars of the Roses

* 6.

The Tudors: Birth of the Nation State, The Reformation, Foreign Policy, Relations within Britain, Elizabeth Ist, Mary Queen of Scots and the Scottish Reformation and James I/VI

* 7.

Parliament versus Crown, The Stuarts, Cromwell and the Republic, The Civil War

* 8.

Restoration , Exile and The Glorious Revolution,

* 9.

The Hannoverians, Union and Scottish Dissent: Politics and Finance, Revolutions: American and French

* 10.

Romanticism and Revolution, Imperial Expansion

* 11.

The Napoleonic War, Monarchy, Empire and Victoria, Industrialism and Growth

* 12.

Ist world war, Labour Party, Woman's rights, Ireland, Depression, The 20th Century in Britain. The Second World War, The Welfare State, Loss of Empire, Modern Issues: Internal Colonialism-Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. New Politics,the special relationship between Britain and the USA. The future for the UK.


This course does not claim to be an exhaustive point-by-point exposition of British History but seeks to rather divide the subject into easily comprehensible Historical periods. The student will be guided in an exploration of Political, Cultural, Royal and Imperial developments in Britain and her institutions from the period 3000BC to the present day.

Students should expect to read substantial amounts to supplement the material covered week-by-week.