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Irish Culture and Politics

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1. Introduction 2. Northern Ireland up to the Late 1960s: A Historical Overview

R: Gerald Mac Namara, Thompson in Tír-na-n-Óg 3. Surveying the Province

R: John Montague, The Rough Field 4.-6. The Civil Rights Movement, Bloody Sunday and the "Troubles"

Screening: Bloody Sunday (dir. Paul Greengrass)

R1: Seamus Heaney, "North," "Punishment," "Strange Fruit," Frank McGuinness, Carthaginians

R2: Stewart Parker, Spokesong 7. The Sunningdale Agreement and The Ulster Workers Council Strike

R: Stewart Parker, Pentecost 8. Later Reflections on Sectarian Violence

R: Vincent Woods, At the Black Pig's Dyke 9.-12. The Good Friday Agreement and Causes of Enduring Segregation

R1: The Good Friday Agreement, Sean Farren and Robert F. Mulvihill, Paths to a Settlement in Northern Ireland, Chapter 10

R2: Christina Reid, Tea in a China Cup

R3: Gary Mitchell, In a Little World of Our Own, Christina Reid, Joyriders

R4: Deirdre Madden, One by One in the Darkness

R = reading.



A historical survey of the conflict in Northern Ireland with a particular focus on its literary reflections. The opening part of the course will be dedicated to the roots of the conflict, to be followed by an extensive analysis of the "Troubles," and culminating in an assessment of the contemporary situation in the province and the future prospects.

CREDIT REQUIREMENTS consist of 1. Regular attendance and active participation in debates (based on the assigned reading). A maximum of 2 unexplained absences is allowed. 2. Submitting a final essay (minimal length 3 000 words). The essay topic must be consulted with the instructor in advance.