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English Language Seminar II

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English Language Seminar (I, II)

This two-term seminar is designed as a practical language foundation course compulsory for all first-year students on the Anglistika-Amerikanistika bachelor's programme. Its primary aim is to better equip the student for academic studies in the field by:

– further activating and developing productive skills in both speaking and writing for application in the academic environment

– maximizing proficiency in the receptive skills of reading and listening for application in the academic environment

– consolidating and extending advanced language-structural (grammatical, syntactical) skills

– expanding lexis particularly – although not only – in preparation for study in the specialist field (linguistic terminology etc) and for academic writing in general

– increasing lexical awareness and scope particularly with regard to collocation, synonymity, phraseology and idiomaticity

– working on finer details of pronunciation as and when necessary

– paying attention to English-language style and appropriacy in the academic environment.