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Phonetics and Phonology of English I

Class at Faculty of Arts |


Main topics:

Phonetics as a discipline

Sound aspects of communication

Speech organs

Vowel system, monophthongs and diphthongs

Consonantal system, phonetic features, the voicing category

Plosives, fricatives and affricates

Nasals and approximants

Assimilation and coarticulation



Pronunciation and descriptive skills are checked throughout the course.


This two-semester course introduces the segmental and suprasegmental patterns of English. In the first part, students learn about the system of English phonemes, mainly from the articulatory and perceptual perspective. The course also addresses phonological processes manifested in connected speech, such as coarticulation, assimilation or elision.

The seminar part of the course is dedicated to building skills related to the analysis of English pronunciation, more specifically Standard British, as well as one's own pronunciation, in the form of a seminar work which combines transcription skills and auditory analyses.

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