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Introduction to English linguistics - seminar

Class at Faculty of Arts |



1. English Morphology - morpheme, allomorph, word structure, word classes

2. English Syntax - phrase level, simple sentence, clause elements, multiple sentence

3. Lexicology - word formation (derivation, composition, back formation, blending, shortening, conversion)

4. Lexicology - lexical semantics (paradigmatic relations: synonymy, antonymy, hyponymy, meronymy, and syntagmatic relations: collocation)

5. Varieties of English - dialects, regional varieties, register

6. Spoken and written English - English spelling, grapheme-phoneme correspondence


The seminar extends the Introduction to English Linguistics lecture. The students will learn to analyze and master phenomena of several linguistic fields (see the syllabus), using practical examples.

The seminar consists of six 90-minute study blocks (for exact dates of the seminar, see the timetable).