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Phraseology and Idiomatics

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Syllabus1. Introduction to phraseology, basic terminology, types of phraseological units, the idiom principle2. Collocations, prefabricated units, formulaic language.3. Grammatical idioms/phrasemes4. Collocational idioms/phrasemes, non-verbal (nominal)5. Collocational idioms/phrasemes, modifying (adverbial and attributive)6. Binomials7. Similes8. Collocational verb-based idioms/phrasemes: phrasal and prepositional verbs9. Verbonominal expressions (quasiphrasemes)10. Propositional idioms/phrasemes, proverbs11. Stylistic aspects of phraseological units/idioms12. English phraseological dictionaries


The subject supplements the description of the English lexicon by offering a brief overview of the key topics in English phraseology/idiomatics from theoretical and practical points of view. It focuses on the basic types of English idioms/phrasemes, their formal and semantic aspects and usage.