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English Skills in Cultural Communication

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The fundamental aim of this course is to improve your writing and critical thinking abilities in English. To accomplish this, you will receive extensive training in both practical and conceptual aspects of writing and criticism. The course will be taught by lectures, practical exercises and discussions, but the most important element of your success will be your willingness and ability to work and think outside of the classroom. Particular attention will be paid to correct use and presentation of source materials, the composition of bibliographies and revision of essays.

The course will also include a public speaking component in order to help assist you prepare to give presentations in seminars. This will comprise of a 5 ? 7 minute book review which will be delivered in front of the class, followed by a short question and answer session.

Students will be required to submit written homework on a regular basis and to attend class and to complete a final paper of 2000 ? 2500 words.


Five-paragraph essays- 30%

Five-page essay- 35%

Book review class presentation- 15%

MLA Style guidelines test and in-class reading comprehension quizzes- 10%

Attendance and Participation- 10%

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