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Ghost Story on the British Isles

Class at Faculty of Arts |


6 October

Course overview, requirements

Introduction I 13 October

Introduction II

Creeping in: W. Scott 20 October: Household Ghosts

Ch. Dickens, E. Gaskell 27 November: Sensational Spectres

W. Collins, M. E. Braddon 3 November: Scary Scotland

M. Oliphant, R. L. Stevenson 10 November: Eerie Ireland

J. Sheridan Le Fanu, B. Stoker 17 November no class, state holiday 24 November: Quaint, Queer & Exotic

V. Paget (V. Lee), A. B. Edwards 1 December: Fearsome Colonies

R. Kipling, A. C. Doyle, B. M. Croker 8 December: Discovering "Monty"

M. R. James 15 December: Into the Weird

E. F. Benson, A. Blackwood, A. Machen 22 December: A Ghost story for Christmas (screening) 5 January: Spooky Modernism

V. Woolf, D. H. Lawrence

Wrapping up


Winter Term 2021

Wednesday 15:50-17:20

Instructor: Mgr. Petra Johana Poncarová, PhD.

The course seeks to acquaint the students with the rich tradition of the ghost story on the British Isles, from the emergence of the genre through its golden age to the later developments, including weird fiction. The syllabus includes works by the most renowned writers associated chiefly with the genre (M. R. James, V. Paget, A. B. Edwards, F. E. Benson, A. Machen), but also less-known ventures into the realm of the ghost story by canonical authors (W. Scott, Ch. Dickens, E. Gaskell).