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Practical Language Course

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This course aims to improve first-year students' reading comprehension, writing and oral presentation skills. Students will write and present film and book reviews, complete exercises in paragraph writing and linking ideas, write descriptions and opinion pieces. They will also study and practise the correct use of punctuation and articles and how to avoid run-together sentences. Students will be expected to complete regular assignments outside of class.


Students will be given handouts from various sources (to be announced).


Credit is granted on the basis of: a) attendance (minimum of 70%) and active class participation; b) successful completion of written assignments plus one oral presentation each semester; c) an end-of-term test (zápočet) comprising a short piece of writing and exercises on the use of articles and punctuation in the winter semester and an error text in the summer semester.

There will also be a written examination (zkouška) in the summer. Students who have successfully obtained credits for the winter and summer semesters will be expected to write two essays in a three-hour examination. The use of monolingual English dictionaries will be permitted in both the credit tests and in the examination.