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Introduction to Theoretical Study of English Language and Linguistics

Class at Faculty of Arts |


1. Introduction to the studies of the English language; the history of English linguistic studies in Czechoslovakia ? the Czech Republic, Prague Linguistic Circle

2. Genetic and structural classification of languages

3. Varieties of English (dialects, registes)

4. Levels of description - grammatical level: English morphology (word classes)

5. Syntactic level - English clause elements, phrase level, sentence structure

6. Lexical level - morphemic level, structure of English lexicon

7. Word formation - derivation, composition, back-formation, blending, shortening, conversion

8. Lexical semantics - paradigmatic (synonymy, antonymy, hyponymy, meronymy) and syntagmatic relations (collocation)

9. Phonological level - phonology, phoneme, allophone, inventory of English vowels and consonants, accentology - word stress

10. Spoken and written English - English orthography and punctuation

11. English graphology - grapheme-phoneme relation; system of graphemes, digraphs, mute consonants

12. English graphology -phoneme-grapheme relation; punctuation

13. Lexicographic description of English


The course introduces and applies the basic concepts of all structural language levels to English, covering its current state and status, social and regional variation, grammar, lexis, sound and writing systems.

The lecture provides a survey of the history of English linguistic studies in Czechoslovakia and the basics of the linguistic description of English.

The seminar provides additional material with practical exercises to exemplify and develop topics covered in the lecture.