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Phonetics and Phonology of English II

Class at Faculty of Arts |


Main topics:

Connected speech and linking

Melodic inventory of English, intonation structure of prosodic phrases

Functions of intonation

Vowel reductions and neutralization of systemic contrasts

Weak forms of grammatical words

Lexical stress

Stress in lexical derivations and in compounds

Rhythmical structure of speech, eurhythmy

Pronunciation and descriptive skills are checked throughout the course.


This two-semester course introduces the segmental and suprasegmental patterns of English. Knowledge and skills acquired in the first part are vital for enrollment. In this second part, emphasis is placed on standard lexical stress and rhythm which are analyzed and practiced along with specific reduction elements and linking in connected speech. The description of English intonation is dominated by the phonological approach.

The seminar part of the course continues to develop transcription and auditory analyses of Standard British and one's own pronunciation.

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