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An Introduction to English Lexicography

Class at Faculty of Arts |


1. Introduction to lexicography;

2. Typology of dictionaries;

3. Monolingual dictionaries: macrostructure;

4. Dictionary entry: microstructure;

5. Definitions;

6. Dictionary design and making;

7. Pedagogical/learner's dictionaries;

8. Bilingual dictionaries, equivalence;

9. Special dictionaries: Roget's Thesaurus;

10. Dictionaries of collocations;

11. Synonym dictionaries;

12. Electronic dictionaries;

13. History of English dictionaries.



To provide an outline of selected topics in theoretical and practical English lexicography. The starting point is the description of the monolingual general dictionary, followed by the description of bilingual dictionaries, special-purpose dictionaries, a survey of electronic dictionaries and a synopsis of the development of esp. British lexicography.