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Post-WWII American Literature

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In the winter semester, we shall focus on the traditional, i.e. white male, literary canon. The individual classes will be devoted to the 1950s and the notion of "being normal", the 1960s and Beat Generation, the theatre (and also the novel) of the absurd, minimalism, post-modernism, etc. In the summer semester, particular stress will be on emergent literatures: African American literature, native American literature, Chicano/Chicana literature, Asian American literature and, of course, literature written by women. Primarily, we are going to close-read and analyze prose, but crucial poems and dramas might be included as well. Next to works of fiction, students must be prepared to discuss both critical and theoretical essays. Our aim is to cover all the main trends and tendencies in American literature of all the post-WWII decades.


To be announced at the beginning of each semester; consequently, students' needs and special interests will be taken into consideration.


Next to regular attendance and active participation in the class, a substantial oral presentation and a written paper at the end of each semester (while the topic is chosen by the student, it must be relevant to the class work done during the particular semester, and approved by the teacher; while the expected length for each paper is about 10 pages, it is also possible to produce just one paper at the end of the academic year - then, the expected length is about 20 pages).