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Indian Short Story in English

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The aim of the course is to acquaint students with the development of the Indian short story in English within the entire scope of its existence. This introductory survey will attempt to approach the Indian short story in English as a hybrid which, bearing both imprints of European writing and Indian literary/oral tradition, evolves into a genre which becomes distinctively

Indian when dealing with what Indian authors and critics call ?the Indian experience.? Works of authors of varied cultural backgrounds will be studied and of those writing from India as well as from the diaspora. Attention will be paid to significant issues and tendencies. The texts will be approached through close reading and the discussions will be supported by relevant critical texts.


All students requiring a credit are expected to attend classes, to participate actively in class discussions (based on the assigned reading), to present a 15-20 minutes paper, and to submit an essay. Essay requirements will be assigned at the beginning of the course.