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Modern Scottish Literature

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Modern Scottish Literature is renowned for its inventiveness and thematic scope. This course is designed to offer students an overview of the key texts in the national literature since the end of modernism: circa 1959.The texts are all selected for their suitability for class discussion and are all accessible and readily accessible.


Classes are organised around discussion/micro-lectures of the assigned texts and assessment is on the basis of attendance (max 3 absences), participation (presentations) and submission of two position papers(1000 words each). MA students must submit a longer paper(details on application).


The Cone Gatherers-Robin Jenkins

The Driver's Seat - Muriel Spark

Magnus- George MacKay Brown 1982,Janine-Alasdair Gray

How Late it was, How Late- James Kelman

Bunker Man- Duncan McLean

Medea-Liz Lochhead

Morvern Callar- Alan Warner

Marabou Stork Nightmares- Irvine Welsh

So I am Glad- A.L.Kennedy

The Death of a Ladies' Man- Alan Bissett

* Texts are supplemented with ancillary readings where appropriate. The core texts listed as the basis of class discussions and must be read.