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An Introduction to English Pragmatics

Class at Faculty of Arts |


1. Introduction - defining pragmatics and the basic issues

2. Levinson - Computing context: an example

3. Deixis

4. Speech acts

5. Conventional implicit meaning - presupposition, inference

6. Nonconventional implicit meaning - Grice?s Cooperative Principle

7. Conversational maxims and implicatures

8. Comparison of conventional and conversational implicatures (properties)

9. Nonobservance of maxims, indirect meaning

10. Politeness - Leech?s Politeness Principle

11. Politeness - Brown-Levinson (face management)

12. Positive politeness

13. Negative politeness


An introduction to linguistic pragmatics aiming to outline the central topics dealt with by the discipline (deixis, speech acts, presupposition, cooperative principle, maxims and implicatures, politeness) and familiarize with the essential texts that have determined the development and approaches of pragmatics.