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An Introduction to English Lexicology II

Class at Faculty of Arts |


1. An outline of lexical semantics, basic concepts and approaches;

2. History of lexical semantics;

3. Relational approach to sense relations;

4. Field theory;

5. Componential analysis;

6. Prototype theory (cognitive approach);

7. Frame semantics;

8. Paradigmatic relations: hyponymy, hyperonymy, taxonymy;

9. Part-whole relationships (meronymy),

10. Synonymy;

11. Lexical oppositeness (antonymy);

12. Polysemy, homonymy;

13. Syntagmatic lexical relations, collocations.



To provide an introduction to lexical semantics, its development, basic concepts, the structure of lexical items and the lexicon, paradigmatic and syntagmatic relations between lexical items and different approaches to the description of their meaning.