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British Science Fiction

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This course is designed to provide an introduction to the major texts/discourses of British Science Fiction Literature.

The after mentioned texts are selected to be representative of major themes and movements in this genre and it is anticipated that students will do their own reading beyond the core texts. Classes are organized around discussion/micro-lectures of the assigned texts


Credit is awarded on the basis of attendance (max 3 absences), participation (presentations) and submission of two position papers (1000 words each). MA students must submit a longer paper(details on application).


E. A. Abbott- Flatland

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle- 'Professor Challenger' Tales

H.G. Wells -The Island of Dr Moreau

David Lindsay- A Voyage to Arcturus

C.S. Lewis- Out of the Silent Planet

George Douglas Brown- Greenvoe

Ian M Banks-The Player of Games/Feersum Endjinn

Richard Morgan-Market Forces

Ken McLeod- Execution Channel

Charles Stross-The Fuller Memorandum

Alasdair Reynolds- Revelation Space Trilogy( Revelation Space/Redemption Ark/Absolution Gap)

* Texts are supplemented with ancillary readings where appropriate. The core texts listed as the basis of class discussions and must be read.