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Scottish Literature I

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1. Henryson & Dunbar: the Makars and Beyond

2. The Interim Years

3. The Age of Burns

4. The Scottish Enlightenment

5. Great Scots Novelists I

6. Great Scots Novelists II

7. Some Scottish poets: MacDiarmid, Muir, Morgan, Maclean et al

8. Fantastic Glens: Alternate Realities in Scottish Writing-Gray, Trocchi, Banks and Others

9. The Scottish Short Story and Gender Identities

10. Crime and Criminals: Ian Rankin, Christopher Brookmyre, Irvine Welsh and others

11. Contemporary Scots Drama

12. Scots Cinema and Television Classics: From 'Whisky Galore' to 'Still Game'.



This course aims to provide students with an overview of some key themes and styles within Scottish writing. While not being a linear history of the subject, lectures/seminars will provide a guide to the major figures and movements in the field, moving from The Medieval ?Makars? up to contemporary Scots writing. Poetry, prose and drama will all be looked at and students will be expected to read material provided in advance of classes. This course is NOT a Scots or Gaelic Language course and no knowledge of these unique languages is required or expected .Students will be provided with material as required and classes do not presuppose an intimate knowledge of the texts, except where provided in advance.


Credit for this course is provided only upon successful completion of the course and meeting the following criteria:

No more than 3 absences for ANY reason

Submission of homework, preparation for classes where required and submission of a final written Paper of 2500 words on assigned topics (to be announced).