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Introduction to Canadian Studies

Class at Faculty of Arts |



The course will provide an introductory survey of Canadian geography, political systém, history and cultural history, including relevant information on the social, political and cultural development of Canada and the most important contemporary issues.

Main topics: basic features of Canadian geography a brief survey of Canadian history

Canadian political system international relations

Anglophone and Francophone Canada

First Peoples NOW AND THEN immigration multiculturalism

Canada´s road to cultural independence and integrity



Recommended reading on various Canadian topics (making use of the

Department´s Canadian Library)

Xeroxed or anthologized texts

Special film and video showings (including parts of the CBC ten-hour video series /2000/ ?Canada ? A People?s History?)


CREDIT based on the student´s attendance and active participation in the seminar sessions; among others, the participants are expected to submit a short paper dealing with or complementing one of the relevant topics included in the seminar programme (possibly, in the form of an oral presentation).