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Ireland on Film: Fictive Communities

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This course will explore representations of Ireland and the Irish through film. One of the central aims will be to analyse the ways in which Ireland and the Irish have been portrayed. In particular, we will focus upon questions of authenticity and imagination, the texts and contexts of the films, while taking into account the background of current debates in Irish cultural and literary studies involving post-colonialism and post-modernism. We will be watching the following films: Irish Cinema: Ourselves Alone? (Donald Taylor Black 1995), Man of Aran (Robert Flaherty 1932), The Quiet Man (John Ford 1952), The Quare Fellow (Arthur Dreifuss 1962), Ryan?s Daughter (David Lean 1970), The Field (Jim Sheridan 1990), The Commitments (Alan Parker 1990), The Snapper (Alan Parker 1993), The Last of the High Kings (David Keating 1996), Guiltrip (Gerard Stembridge 1995), The Butcher Boy (Neil Jordan 1997), The General (John Boorman 1998).


In addition to film screenings, reading material will be selected from Rockett, Gibbons & Hill Cinema and Ireland, Arthur Flynn Irish Film 100 Years, Lance Pettitt Screening Ireland and other texts. Photocopies will be made available for students in the library.


Class presentation / participation, attendance and a 2500-3000 word essay.