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Syntax II

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1.Syntax of the infinitive (constructions with the underlying subject function; infinitive as subject complement

2.Syntax of the infinitive (infinitive in the function of object, adverbial and postmodification)

3. Syntax of the ing-form

4. Multiple sentence: coordination vs. subordination (levels of syntactic dependence)

5. Multiple sentence (adjunct, disjunct and conjunct functions of adverbial clauses; different functions of clauses introduced by the same subordinator)

6. Word order as a polyfunctional device: grammatical factor, semantic factor, and a means of expressing emotion and emphasis.

7. Word order (linear modification) as a factor of functional sentence perspective; other factors of functional sentence perspective

8. Cleft sentence

9. Structural discontinuities

10. Syntactic ambiguities and garden path phenomena

11. The semantics of negation

12. Ellipsis

13. Hypersyntax: grammatical devices of textual cohesion


An advanced course in syntax resuming in more detail topics covered only in essentials in Syntax I (syntax of the nonfinite verb forms, multiple sentence) and introducing new topics: the semantics of negation, word order as a polyfunctional device, functional sentence perspective, syntactic discontinuities, focusing constructions, syntactic ambiguities, garden path phenomena, and grammatical devices of hypersyntax.

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