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Selected Problems in English Linguistics

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The Verb I

The Verb II

The Noun and the Pronoun

The Adjective and the Adverb

The Simple Sentence

Complex Sentence



Variation and Change through Corpora

Phonetic Aspects of Czech English          


The course has the form of lectures and seminars. The aim is to deepen the theoretical background and analysis of selected aspects of English linguistics on the background of description of grammatical phenomena presented in grammars and during the previous study.

An emphasis is put on the interaction of the levels of language description, focusing on topics dealt with by individual lecturers (see recommended literature). The course covers topics from the syntactic and textual level, historical development, lexicological and lexicographical issues as well as aspects arising from the contrastive description.

The lecture will provide a broad framework and the seminar will provide space for the application of selected specific problems to specific language material.

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