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week 1. Psycholinguistics: language and the mind (CH1)  week 2.

Research methods in psycholinguistics (CH1) week 3. Sentence generation (CH3,4,5) week 4.

Speech perception (CH7) week 5. Spoken word recognition (CH8) week 6.

Visual word recognition (CH9) week 7. Midterm exam  week 8.

Syntactic processing (CH10) week 9. Language and the brain (CH13) week 10.

Neurolinguistic research (CH13) week 11. Music and language (PDF provided) week 12.

Aphasia (PDF provided)  week 13. Final exam


The course aims at introducing the fundamental aspects of psycholinguistic research, discussing the methods used in psycholinguistics and a summary of the knowledge achieved so far in the field.

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