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Language acquisition

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week 1. The logical problem of language acquisition (CH1)  week 2.

Learning the phonemic contrasts of the native language (CH2) week 3. Categorical perception and why it matters (PDF provided) week 4.

Acquisition of the lexicon (CH3) week 5. The emergence of syntax (CH4) week 6.  Midterm exam week 7.

Acquisition of passive and complex structures (CH7) week 8. Language and other cognitive abilities (CH11) week 9.

The bilingual child (CH11) week 10. Second language acquisition in adult age (PDF provided) week 11.

Developmental language impairment (CH11) week 12. Dyslexia (CH11) week 13.

Final exam


The course aims at introducing the processes involved in language acquisition. The processes are described from the early pre-verbal stages until puberty.

Bilingualism and second language acquisition are also discussed, as well as developmental language disorders (dyslexia and specific language impairment).

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