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Language and gender: conducting a case study

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In this course, we will discuss the role of sex, gender, and sexuality in language variation and change (LVC) within the broader context of the five problems of LVC theory (Weinreich, Labov & Herzog 1968). We will deal with the nature of the social and/or biological variables involved and get acquainted with the three waves of variationist studies (e.g.

Eckert 2012) as part of the theoretical background. The major component of the course will be a case study 1. that we will design, 2. conduct, and 3. the results of which we will report as a class.

We will be looking primarily into the functions of creaky voice by analysing speech in the film Her, with a focus on gender and sexuality. The course is going to involve engaging with the materials made available through Moodle before the face-to-face sessions.

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