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Experimental Data Analysis

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The course aims at familiarising students with the basics of experimental data analysis. The first half of the course consists in seminar-like classes in which students are presented with the main statistical tests and the basic principles of statistical analysis. In the second part, students will be given data from real psycholinguistic experiments and will be trained on how to analyse them.

Week 1: Introduction

Week 2: Experimental research - numerical, categorical and ordinal variables; basic statistical principles of experimental design

Week 3: Running statistical tests - The logic of p-values and how to read them

Week 4: Regression - understanding if variables are related using correlations and regression, understanding the difference between causation and correlation

Week 5: Comparing means - repeated measure t-test, independent samples t-test, ANOVA

Week 6: Midterm test

Week 7: Linear mixed models - introducing random effects

Week 8: Linear mixed models - familiarising with r

Week 9: Data analysis in r

Weeks 10 - 12: Practice with real data

Week 13: Submission of the final report

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