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Publishing research papers in English linguistics or ELT methodology

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This course is only available to those students who have already submitted a student paper (BA/MA thesis, seminar paper) to a member of the Department of English Language and ELT Methodology and whose paper has been recommended for publication.

The aim of the course is to prepare a student paper for publication and submission to a suitable linguistic journal.

The course is conducted as a series of consultations with an aim to both prepare the text for publication and to select a suitable journal (or an edited volume etc.). The paper may first be presented at an international conference to collect feedback from international experts.

Depending on the nature of the cooperation between the student and the member of the department (the proportion of authorship), the paper will be presented and published either as a collaborative work under the names of both co-authors or under the name of the student alone. If a member of the department is included among the authors, the head of the department must be notified and the respective contribution of the co-authors needs to be clarified.