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Shakespeare and Mannerism

Class at Faculty of Arts |



1) To define a Period Style in art and literature (Renaissance, Manerism, Baroque, Classicism)

2) To discuss the concept of Mannerism in art, specify its characteristics in literature.

3) To discuss Shakespeare´s Mannerist canon

4) to read selected passages from The Sonnets, Hamlet, Measure for Measure, All is Well That Ends Well, Antony and Cleopatra MATERIAL G. R. Hocke, Manýrismus v literatuře, Praha 2001 J. Shearman, Mannerism, London 1990 E. Wind, Pagan Mysteris in the Renaissance, New York 1968 J. Greenwood, Shifting Perspectives and the Stylish Style, Mannerism in Shakespeare and His Jacobean Contemporaries, Toronto 1988 A. Hauser, Mannerism, Cambridge (Massachussetts, Harvard UP) and London J. P. Maquerlot, Shakespeare and the Mannerist Tradition, Cambridge 1995 J. M. Steadman, Redefining a Period Style, ?Renaisssance?, ?Mannerist? and ?Baroque? in Literature, Pittssburgh 1990 ASSESSMENT Active and regular participation in the seminar, oral presentations, one essay. Further details will be specified at the first session of the seminar.