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In-Yer-Face and Beyond: British Theatre since the 1990s

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Course Description:

This course explore the wealth of new writing that has appeared on British stages over the last twenty years. Our point of departure will be Aleks Sierz? book In-Yer-Face Theatre: British Drama Today (2000) and some of the writers he discusses in relation to the theatre of provocation that hit the Anglophone theatre world in the mid-1990s. We will then consider the debates around experiential theatre, postmodernity, thesis drama and verbatim theatre as well as paying attention to those playwrights and practitioners who are sidelined by the In-Yer-Face label. The playwrights we will discuss will include Martin Crimp, Sarah Kane, Mark Ravenhill, David Eldridge, Anthony Neilson, Rebecca Pritchard, debbie tucker green, Tanika Gupta, David Greig, David Harrower. A final reading list of primary and secondary literature will be available at the beginning of the semester.


Students are expected to attend classes, read the materials assigned and to participate in discussions. Each student will give a 15 minute presentation. Participation (20%), Presentation (30%), Essay (50%).


A list of suggested essay topics will be distributed during the semester. All students preparing essays should email me with a paragraph length proposal outlining their topic and thesis statement/argument. A brief list of source materials should also be included. Deadline for proposals: 14 December 2010.

Final essays for Credit (Záp.) should be 3000 words for MA students, 2000-2500 words for BA students.

Final essays for Grade (PP/ZK) should be 4500-5000 words (MA students only).

Deadline: Essays should be submitted by 21 January 2011.

A full reading list will be distributed at the beginning of the semester. Course materials will be a mixture of texts available in the library and materials posted on Moodle.