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Auden's American Children

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  1. W. H. Auden: September 1, 19392. W. H. Auden: In Memory of Sigmund Freud (1939), Under Which Lyre (1946), The Fall of Rome (1947), Song ("Deftly, admiral…") (1948), A Walk After Dark (1948), The Shield of Achilles (1952), Bucolics (1953), Horae Canonicae (1949-54), On the Circuit (1963); Prose: Introduction to Faber Book of US Verse (see IS)3. Essays by Aidan Wasley, Michael Wood, Richard Bozorth, from Auden in Context, ed. Tony Sharpe (Cambridge University Press, 2013)4. Adrienne Rich, selection from A Change of World (1951)W. H. Auden, Yale Younger Poets Citation (1951)5. W. S. Merwin, selections from A Mask for Janus (1952), Green with Beasts (1956)W. H. Auden, Yale Younger Poets Citation (1952)6. John Ashbery, selection from Some Trees (1956), in Selected Poems (1986)7. John Hollander,selections from A Crackling of Thorns (1958) and Movie-Going (1962)W. H. Auden, Yale Younger Poets Citation (1958)8.James Merrill, selections from Water Street (1962) and Nights and Days (1966)9. Richard Wilbur, The Mind Reader (1976)10. Joseph Brodsky, Roman Elegies/Římské elegie; Essays: ‘To Please A Shadow’, ‘On "September 1, 1939" by W. H. Auden’

With the exception of Section 2 (Auden’s poems), all materials are now available to electronically on the IS.AssessmentEssay of 3000 words to be submitted no later than 1 month after completion of the seminar, 70% attendance and active engagement in the seminar.