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From Naturalism to Post-Dramatic: Theatre Theory and Practice

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This course will explore the diverse body of theory and commentary about theatre in the twentieth century. Course readings will range from academic perspectives on developments and movements in theatre practice to manifestos and essays by theatre practitioners. Selected reading material will be provided on the following areas: Avant garde theatre, Expressionism,

Brechtian epic, Artaud and the notion of cruelty, Semiotic theories of theatre, Intercultural theatre, Theories of performance and presence, Theatre and postmodernity. The focus will be upon how in each of these areas critics, theorists and practitioners have attempted to define theatre and drama with the aim of discussing how our conceptions of theatre and drama have evolved and transformed in the course of the century.



Course requirements:

Students are expected to attend classes, read the materials assigned and to participate in discussions. Each student will give a 15 minute presentation. Participation (20%), Presentation (30%), Essay (50%).


A list of suggested essay topics will be distributed during the semester. All students preparing essays should email me with a paragraph length proposal outlining their topic and thesis statement/argument. A brief list of source materials should also be included. Deadline for proposals: 14 December 2010.

Final essays for Credit (Záp.) should be 3000 words.

Final essays for Grade (PP/ZK) should be 4500-5000 words.

Should an essay be unsatisfactory, students have the opportunity to submit ONE rewrite on condition that the rewritten work is submitted with the marked original.

Deadline: Essays should be submitted by 21 January 2011.