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Week 1 Introduction

Week 2 Celluloid Heroes 1

Week 3 Celluloid Heroes 2

Week 4 Indigenous Issues: Yothu Yindi

Week 5 Preserving culture: Aeroplane Dance

Week 6 Genocide: Black Man's Houses

Week 7 Rabbit-Proof Fence

Week 8 Renaissance: Chant of Jimmy Blacksmith

Week 9 Colonialism: Breaker Morant

Week 10 Gender: My Brilliant Career

Week 11 War: Gallipoli

Week 12 Satire: Barry McKenzie

Week 13 Politics: The Dismissal

Week 14 Conclusion



This topic will focus on depictions of Australia and Australian issues in film and scriptwriting. Film material will include documentary, current affairs, short and feature length films. Discussion will focus on the way in which Australian film media is defined within Australia and elsewhere in the world, including the way in which Australian media is politicised in the evolving context of social history and the arts. Issues addressed will include the British and American cultural hegemony, indigenous cultures, cultural cringe, media ownership and regulation, cultural criticism and arts funding, the director as author, the impact of Australian films overseas, the influence of international media upon domestic film and other forms of production, and so on. Film footage will include a documentary history of Australian film from the 1880s to the present, representative works from the film Renaissance, Current Affairs and documentary, Department of Immigration programmes, and various other materials to be decided upon. A complete list of films and screening times will be posted early in the semester.

ASSESSMENT for this course will be in the form of a short seminar paper (2000-2500 words), as well as participation in class discussions.