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The aim of the course is to create conditions for linking theoretical and practical preparation of future teachers in the form of pedagogical observations and assistant practicum at selected secondary schools, followed by analyses and discussions on key topics of teaching practice, such as preparation for teaching, assessment, selection and adaptation of materials, classroom management, individualization of teaching, cooperation with parents, beginning teacher, etc. At the core of the course are observations and teaching assists with secondary school teachers and subsequent analysis.

After completing the listening sessions, students assist the accompanying teachers in teaching, helping them with teaching, preparing materials, lesson plans, correcting assignments and written work, and implementing micro-teaching, where they partially take over the teaching. The course is designed as preparation for compulsory teaching practice, developing practical skills in line with the teacher's competency framework and reflective skills for the teaching profession.

During the internship, the students become familiar with the school's agenda and the tools it uses (electronic system, curriculum, documents, etc.).