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Contemporary Irish Poetry: Feminism and Beyond

Class at Faculty of Arts |



This seminar will focus on readings of Joyce?s major works, along with several marginal pieces, in the context of a number of key critical traditions: from the earliest commentaries of Pound, Eliot, Beckett, and Frank Budgen, to the pioneering exegetical work of Adeline Glasheen and Fritz Senn, through to the critiques of Umberto Eco, Julia Kristeva, Hélene Cixous,

Philippe Sollers, Jacques Lacan and Jacques Derrida. Topics will range from myth, narratology and aesthetics, to subjectivity, cultural politics and cybernetics.

ASSESSMENT 1. Attendance (max. 3 absences); 2. Participation in discussion; 3. one essay of 2,500 words: due end of semester (all essays must accord with MLA style).