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TEFL II (graded paper)

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The topic of the study must be different from that of the student’s MA thesis and can be either a research study focusing on the analysis of a selected aspect of learner language, or practical ELT materials compiled on the basis of the knowledge and reflection of the acquisition and teaching of the selected aspect (see the details below). Other topics are possible only with the approval of the teacher and must always contain a research part.

Option 1) learner language analysis

The student selects a specific feature of learner language and in the theoretical part of the study describes the current state of knowledge based on independet literature research reviewing recent literature so that the theoretical part forms a real basis for the analytical part. In the practical part the student analyses the selected feature on a sample of learner language provided by the tutor, who will also – based on the nature of the research problem – recommend the appropriate size of the data sample. The outcome of the study should include a comparison of the results with the results of similar studies described in literature.

Option 2) developing teaching materials

The student chooses any aspect of teaching English as a foreign language. In the theoretical part he will describe the principles affecting the teaching of this particular aspect (e.g. in relation to principles of second language acquisition) and review the most recent recommendations for teaching. Based on this, in the practical part, he will then prepare a number of teaching plans and explain how the theoretical principles described in the theoretical part were applied to their design.

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