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Ghost Story on the British Isles

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16 Feb- Intro   23 Feb-Ken MacLeod-The future will happen here too/Descent   2 Mar -Neil Williamson- The Moon King   9 Mar Charles Stross- Halting State   16 Mar- Paul Johnstone- The Body Politic   23 Mar-Michel Faber- Under the Skin/ Book of Strange New Things   30 Mar-Douglas Thompson- Apoiedeia    6 April -Jenni  Fagan- Sunlight Pilgrims   13 April- No Dominion -Louise Welsh   20 April-Alan Bissett- The Death of a Ladies Man   27 April -James Robertson- The Testament of Gideon Mack   4 May January-Iain Banks- Hydrogen Sonata   11 May-Course Conclusion and Admin matters.


Summer Term 2021

Tuesdays 9:10-10:40

Instructor: Colin S Clark MA

This course seeks to introduce students to what is arguably the dominant genre of modern literature-the speculative. This literature explores the boundaries of the possible and provides solutions, from the pragmatic to the fantastic to the various stress- fractures and impasses of the modern Scottish nation-stateless, imagined and yet culturally robust and politically virile.

The texts taught here are as contemporary as possible and range across political, fantastic, sci-fi and slipstream literatures to equip the student with a coherent overview of the modern ‘question of Scotland ‘ and it’s ‘claim of right’.