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Contemporary British Drama: 1980-2012

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British drama since 1980 has been the subject of extensive and varied critical attention. The core purpose of this course would be to provide students with a coherent guide to the changing territory of contemporary British theatre and drama from 1980 to the present. At the hub of debate are the contours of Britishness, and how the United

Kingdom has become an increasingly unstable locus for multiple identities which have themselves radically changed over the period. The course will be organised around the following topics: Thatcherism: Theatre of the

Watershed Era; Gender: Feminism, Masculinity and Queerness on Stage; Race, Multiculturalism, Hybridity:

Presenting the New Britain; Postcolonialism and devolution: Redefining the United Kingdom; Cool Britannia: A debatable ‘Golden Age’; and Truth and Terror: Responding to Crises Post-9/11.


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