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Restoration and After: British Literature, 1660-1800: graded paper

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Specialization graded paper: for MA students only (NOT ERASMUS)

Participants of the course who have otherwise fulfilled all requirements for credit may choose to write an extra assignment, which will count toward extra 3 points for a graded paper. Students need to register for this in SIS. Students select one of the two categories below:

- A literary essay of a minimum of 2,400 words (approx. 8 pages) on a free topic (consulted with the instructor and relevant to seminar topic). The topic must be substantiated in a written paper proposal of approx. 250 words (containing also relevant basic bibliography of at least three items). The essay will NOT be accepted without prior submission of this proposal. Deadline for proposals – week 13 (15.5.), deadline for essays – 1 September 2024

- A short critical review essay of a book dealing with issues the seminar is concerned with. It should follow the format of a scholarly review (“odborná recenze”), suitable for publication in a scholarly journal and run cca 1500-2000 words. The review can be written in English or in Czech/Slovak. (For more details on how to write a critical book review see separate sheet or information on moodle.)

Deadline: see above. Students select their book from the list below. Individual choice must be consulted with the instructor by week 13.


Michael McKeon, The Origins of the Novel (1987, ÚALK library)

Ian Watt, The Rise of the Novel (1956, ÚALK library)

John J. Richetti, The Cambridge Companion to the Eighteenth-Century Novel (1998, ÚALK library and NK)

John J. Richetti, Popular Fiction Before Richardson: Narrative Patterns 1700-1739 (1969, NK)

R.F.Brissenden, Virtue in Distress: Studies in the Novel of Sentiment from Richardson to Sade (1974, NK)

J.M.S. Tompkins, The Popular Novel in England, 1770-1800 (NK)


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