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Women in English Literature 1660-1800: graded paper

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Assignment for English literature special programme graded paper

M.A. participants of the course who have otherwise fulfilled all requirements for credit may choose to write an extra assignment. This will count towards extra credit points and a grade for a special programme (or elective) graded paper. The students must register for Písemná práce in the SIS.

Students will write a short critical review essay of an academic book dealing with issues the seminar is concerned with. It should follow the format of a scholarly review, suitable for publication in an academic journal and run cca 1500-2000 words. The review can be written in English or in Czech/Slovak. DUE (1 September 2024)

Individual choice of book must be consulted with the instructor. Following are several suggestions:

Cheryl Turner, Living by the Pen: Women Writers in the Eighteenth Century (ÚALK Library)

R.F. Brissenden, Virtue in Distress: Studies in the Novel of Sentiment from Richardson to Sade (NK)

J.M.S.Tompkins, The Popular Novel in England, 1770-1800 (NK)

Dale Spender, Mothers of the Novel: 100 good women writers before Jane Austen (ÚALK)

John J. Richetti, Popular Fiction Before Richardson: Narrative Patterns 1700-1739 (NK)

Susan Staves, A Literary History of Women’s Writing in Britain, 1660-1789 (NK)

Other suggestions include Czech language publications on the history of women in the Czech Lands (e.g. Jana Ratajová, Lucie Storchová – Žena neni příšera, ale nejmilejší stvoření boží: Diskursy manželství v české literatuře raného novověku, or anything written by Monika Lenderová)

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