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Innovators in British Drama: Pinter, Churchill, Stoppard

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This is an MA level course.

BA students at FFUK will not be admitted.

Erasmus students with appropriate level language skills may be admitted.

The course offers students an opportunity to investigate the work of three of Britain’s most influential playwrights post-1956 in an extended and detailed manner. Pinter, Stoppard and Churchill have all played pivotal roles in British theatre, each producing a theatre that, in contrasting ways, explores the modalities of language and theatricality. Pinter, Stoppard and Churchill have each had remarkably long careers: Pinter began in the late 1950s and his final work Celebration was produced in 2000; Stoppard’s breakthrough work Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead was first performed in 1966, his latest play, The Hard Problem was produced at the National Theatre in 2015 and broadcast as part of the NT Live project; Churchill’s first full play, Owners, was staged in 1972 while her most recent work, Here We Go, will be performed in December 2015. Over the course of the semester we will study their work in depth with a view to understanding their methods, their ideas about theatre, the development of their work and their influence on subsequent playwrights.

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