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The Short Story: The Genre and Its Contexts

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This course will look at one of modern literature’s most recent genres, and one of the most ancient forms of storytelling. We will explore different authorial approaches to narrative and the ‘confines’ of the form, paying particular attention to language, cultural contexts and themes. Due to its length the short story is ideal material for examining the various components of narrative theory and modes of decoding or interpreting texts. Students will be encouraged to focus upon the basics: character, plot, point of view, as well as interpreting texts using various theoretical frameworks: feminist, post-colonial, psychoanalytic etc. The course will be based on weekly close reading of selected texts, reading assignments and student responses to the material. Details of the course are available on the UALK website:

This course is for MA students. BA students in year 2 and 3 of study may be admitted (as elective/optional course) is places are available. Erasmus students please note that this course requires fluency in spoken and written English.

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