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D.H.Lawrence and the Modern Short Story

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The course focuses on close reading of major short stories by D. H. Lawrence in the context of relevant philosophical and aesthetic theories of the studied period (H. Bergson, F. Nietzsche, A. Schopenhauer, W.

Worringer, T. E. Hulme) and selected modernist short-story writers (V. Woolf, W. Lewis, E. M. Forster). The in-class discussions will examine selected aesthetic and philosophical motifs and symbolic structures in Lawrence’s iconic as well as less know shorter fiction (from early The Trespasser to Love Among the Haystacks and Other Stories,

The Prussian Officer and Other Stories, England, My England and Other Stories, and The Woman Who Rode Away and Other Stories), focusing on the problem of space, time and human subjectivity. The analysis will further rely on a number of Lawrence’s theoretical texts (“Introduction to These Paintings”, Mornings in Mexico, “Study of Thomas

Hardy”, Sketches of Etruscan Places and other Italian Essays) and occasional references to Lawrence’s poems and novels.


Sessions will be opened by short talks (5-10 minutes) given by all students on the texts assigned in the week-by- week schedule. 


Credits will be given on the basis of students’ short talks, their active participation in seminar discussion and a final essay (3000-3500 words) whose topic has to be discussed with the instructor.


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