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Literature of the Late Victorian Period I: graded paper

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The course, combining the form of lecture and workshop, acquaints students with major streams and tendencies of British literature and culture in the second half of the 19th century, before the 1890s. The authors discussed are not only major late

-Victorian novelists (G. Meredith, W. Pater, G. Moore, G. Gissing) and poets (G. M. Hopkins, the PRB poets) but also representatives of minor genres (L. Carroll, R. L. Stevenson) and even popular fiction authors (B. Stoker). The discussion is further supported by the reading of relevant critical and theoretical texts (Pater, Stevenson, Ruskin, etc.).


Credit requirements include two oral presentations (one work of fiction, one theoretical text), one essay written on a chosen topic, successful results in a test, and active participation in the discussion over the texts.

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