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Anglo-American Modernist Women Authors: graded paper

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Introduction: What is New Writing? Contexts for Contemporary British theatre

Theatre, Politics and questions of feeling: From Brecht to Rancière to Ahmed

Perception: Sarah Kane: Blasted (1995), Crave (1998)

Postmodernity: Some Explicit Polaroids (1999), Pool (No Water) (2006)

Ethics: David Greig: Dunsinane (2010), The Events (2013)

Dis-ease: Martin Crimp: Fewer Emergencies (2005), In the Republic of Happiness (2012)

Dis-ease: Caryl Churchill: Far Away (2000), Escaped Alone (2016)

Spectators: Tim Crouch The Author (2009), with Andy Smith What Happens to Hope at the End of the Evening (2013)

Feminist Attachments: Alice Birch: Revolt. She Said. Revolt Again. (2016), Anatomy of a Suicide (2017)

Precarities: debbie tucker green: generations (2005), ear for eye (2018)

Collectives/Crisis: Andy Smith Commonwealth (2012), Tim Crouch Total Immediate Collective Imminent Terrestrial Salvation (2019)

ESSAY PROPOSALS DUE by Friday 8 May at 18.00

Conclusion and discussion of research projects    

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