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British Literature of the African and Asian Diaspora: graded paper

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Assignment for (written) graded paper (PÍSEMNÁ PRÁCE):

Participants of the course who have registered for a graded paper for British Literature of the African and Asian Diaspora (písemná práce) in SIS must fulfil all requirements for credit (see description of the course itself). PP will count towards an extra 3 points (credits), i.e. students can achieve the sum of 8 (5 plus 3). Students write

EITHER an essay = cca 10pp., analysis of a primary text, utilising some of the theoretical approaches suggested during the seminars. Students write essays on selected texts (both prose and poetry, including seminar texts and texts of their presentations, topics must be consulted with the instructor and substantiated by brief 100 to 150-word proposals),

OR a short critical review essay of a book (theory or literary criticism related to the topic of the course). Choice of text MUST be consulted with the instructor. It should follow the format of a scholarly review (i.e. it is NOT a summary) and run cca 4-5pp. (For details on books, content, style and format, see internet course materials - moodle.) The review can be written in Czech/Slovak (preferably) or in English.

For the deadlines and other details of BOTH TYPES OF ASSIGNMENTS, please see the syllabus of the course. Available above.

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